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What if it were all connected? What if everything you are doing with your life is setting you up for what you will do for an eternity? What would you qualify for? If there were some incredible future job that you wanted, would you prepare for it? Would you get educated for it? What will your life’s resume look like? What if your eternity depends upon it? It’s never too late to start! Interview for Eternity brings to light how God can take anyone from anywhere they are in life and bless them with the ability to live to their fullest potential both here and eternally. Our history does not have to be our destiny. Vickie’s unshakable faith was created through intense battles with darkness. She shares in practical and helpful ways how her experiences with the supernatural powers of the God of the Bible helped her overcome the plans of the enemy of our souls. Interview for Eternity is a unique way to understand, through Vickie’s true-life story, experiences with angels, demons, dreams, visions, miracles, out-of-body occurrences, the power of prayer, what it means to walk in the Spirit of God, and to stay the course no matter how difficult. It’s a story of the Victory of the Cross for every challenge, empowering others to their greatest potential now and setting them up for success throughout eternity!