Our Story

Your skin is your largest organ.

As such, it has an incredible ability to absorb almost anything put on it.

Do you really want to absorb the preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, and toxins that are often present in skincare products?

We didn’t think so. 


Welcome to Organic Body EssentialsTM


The inability to find a truly organic whole-body care product line to heal her own extremely dry skin, coupled with a desire to help others heal and maintain a healthy body, is what led Organic Body Essentials founder Vickie Natale to take matters into her own hands and develop her own line of skincare.


Her expertise as an engineer, product developer, and manufacturer was useful, but it was her passion to provide the cleanest, purest products possible that really guided the way as she formulated Organic Body Essentials. So, it’s no surprise she’s developed such a loyal following since launching the line in 2014.


Hand-crafted from the cleanest, highest-quality, certified organic plant-based ingredients sourced from around the world—and absolutely no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides or GMOs—Organic Body Essentials products are unique, effective, and healthy for the skin and the body. After all, not only is it better to feed your skin the healthy food of these organic, nourishing formulas, it is better for your overall health.


From facial care to skin repair in addition to therapeutic and cleansing products, Organic Body Essentials delivers a full line of head-to-toe treatments that are truly clean and natural—and that work.


Despite the wave of the organic movement, there continue to be very few “natural” skincare brands on the market that are certified organic like Organic Body Essentials with the added consumer assurance of a regulatory agency that audits the products regularly.


But, more than that, the clean, simple, proven ingredients speak for themselves—cleansing, beautifying, protecting, and comforting the skin for a better healthy glow, both inside and out.


Organic Body Essentials can be found throughout California and in several health food markets and independent retailers nationwide.