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“I'm not used to my skin feeling like this. It's crazy and I love it.” - Kierra P.

“My skin has never felt so alive and I get compliments on my glowing skin. I will forever be a customer.” - Dee C.

"I want to say THANK YOU for your products! They have been a blessing to me and my skin, and I could not ask for a better product line of skincare. I am a life long customer to your skincare line." - Sonja G.

"I ordered the Extreme Day & Night Cream & Flawless Face Serum. I must admit I didn't love the scent of both when I opened the bottles. BUT, then I used them and that is when the transformation started! My skin reacted immediately! Soft, plump skin, compliments on my face and a beautiful scent. Yes, it smells like I'm wearing an expensive floral perfume! I ordered an additional set for my daughter who loved them so much! The products smell like sweet, caramel apples on her. We realized that the ingredients must react differently to each individual person's chemistry or something like that. We both love them and I will never use anything else. I'm excited to use the whole product line. This skin care system is truly amazing!!" - Betty K.


"My dermatologist told me I had "old age" eczema when I complained of red, itchy patches on my arms and legs in the winter.  I tried several over the counter lotions, but none healed the eczema and kept it away....until I tried the Radical Repair Cream.  Thank you!  I use the cream daily and do not have the issues I had anymore!!" - Deanna K. 


“WARNING Addiction will occur! Oh my gosh [the lip balm] is like silky butter and I use it all day! Never ever have I had something like this! AAA+++++++” - Mary R.

“The therapeutic gel is the best topical healing agent anywhere! Reduces pain and speeds recovery to normal faster than anything I have used.” - Caron G.

“I purchased your Cocoa Mint Organic Lip Balm recently. I can't stop using it! It tastes so good I want to eat it. Good thing it is organic!” - Rhonda R.

"I really like your products. I have seen the difference in my face greatly. I suffer from dermatitis and after using them one time I felt and saw the difference." - Jocelyn S. 

"I have been using these products for about a month now. My face is no longer dry. It feels silky smooth. I am using many of the products. The products I use almost daily are the serum, the day/night cream and the ultra hydrosol. Don't be afraid of the money you spend on the serum because it will last for a very long time. A little goes a long way. My face looks so much better because it's hydrated. So glad I bought it!" - Amy J.


“Recently, I had a seborrheic skin spot flare up on my forehead. I decided to try using your radical repair cream on it. I put a small amount of it on the spot at least three times a day for a couple weeks. It is gone! Now I put it on the area once a day to keep it gone. Thank you.” - Frances T.

“The only way I know how to describe my face after using [the Silky Smooth Face Scrub] is 'as soft as a baby's bottom'. It felt amazing. I can't wait to incorporate this product into my skincare routine!” - Kierra P.

“My skin is so plump and hydrated with [the Extreme Day & Night Face Cream]!” - Kristina

“I love your products. I've had psoriasis and extremely dry skin for over 30 years. I'm finally improving and give all the glory to God and your products.” - Rebecca H.

“I just wanna praise your Extreme Day and Night Face Cream, and the Flawless Face Serum... my skin literally soaks this in and has improved firmness and decreased fine lines . . . so I am going on about 6 months of consistently using ur product and have gotten wonderful results! Thank you so much and its awesome to know that your products do not contain harmful chemicals. . .” - Deanna W.

“The cooling sensation on my lips feels so nice, and the minty smell is very pleasant. This [Minty Lavender Lip Balm] is definitely going in my purse as a staple!” - Kierra P.

“I have been loving the skincare from Organic Body Essentials and the Mega Antioxidant Face Mask has been a life saver for my skin. It brightens, tightens, and helps with my large pores.” - Kristina

“My lips were so bad that I went to the doctor last year. He said that it was the worst case of chapped lips he had seen and prescribed petroleum jelly for my lips daily. That did nothing for them. I tried your lip balm and my lips are almost normal after one month.” - Alex V.


“The Therapeutical gel is Amazing! My daughter came home to visit and could hardly bend her elbow or move it due to tendinitis. I told her I had something that would fix it right up. It wasn’t a minute or two and she looked at me mouth wide open and said, ‘MOM!! What is that stuff?!’” -Mary R.


“I can’t believe how wonderful these products are! I use the mask and the serum and it feels as if I’ve had a facial. I don’t need to go and get a facial anymore. I’m not kidding! Don’t ever change your formulas.” - Yuri


“I have used many supposedly healthier and ‘natural’ products but have never felt the sensation of my skin and especially my face was immediately and deeply absorbing the oils, and I only used a tiny bit! I’ll be ordering more [Flawless Face Serum]! I’m 67 and just can’t get over how my face feels when I wake up in the morning!” - JoBeth


"I love the Flawless Face Serum; it leaves my face so soft, and I notice my sunspots have lightened. . . I love the lip balm too; it leaves my lips so soft!" - Joan M.


"The products are amazing! I have used many of them but use daily the 'Make-Up Melt Face Wash", "Flawless Face Serum", lip balm (my favorite is the mint), and the "Extreme Day & Night Face Cream". My face has undergone major transformation; very soft, appears smooth, moisturized and more youthful! Apart from that, I absolutely love that the products are natural!" - Kerry


"I keep two bottles of the Intense Therapeutic Gel on hand to keep one and give one to others. Recently I went to the beach with my sister who suffers from Lyme's Disease and fibromyalgia and she was suffering in her shoulders and tried my gel (which of course I take when I travel) and it helped her immensely. I use it whenever my knees, shoulder or back acts Up. This stuff is gold and a wonderful gift to give away to others." - Cindy M.


The face serum…WOW. Never going back to anything else. My skin is dry as sand paper and this serum is all I need. Vickie suggested I start with the serum to see if I liked your products and boy was she right! I will be switching over to all your skincare eventually. Such a blessing to have something so good for me work so well.” - Veronica S.


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