OBE Interview with SEED People's Market

Vickie Natale

Posted on September 22 2018

Organic Body Essentials' Founder & CEO, Vickie Natale, recently sat with SEED People's Market for an interview -


“Why Buy Organic Products?”

SEED: When did you start Organic Body Essentials and why?

VICKIE: "In 2013, I was in search of a truly organic whole body care product line for my own needs to heal my extremely dry skin. In my extensive search, I discovered that there was little to nothing available at that time. As such, I invested my knowledge, expertise and resources using my core gifts as an engineer, product developer, and manufacturer to formulate and develop an organic whole body care product line. As a result, Organic Body Essentials was born in the spring of 2014."


SEED: What makes your brand stand out compared to other natural body care companies?

VICKIE: "Our heart is for those that struggle with less than desirable results with their skincare. Most traditional skincare products are full of chemicals. Even some natural and organic skincare lines have excessive amounts of alcohol. Alcohol may help the shelf-life of the product, but it dries the skin out. So, you may be applying a lot of wonderful organic ingredients, but counteracting those benefits with the drying action of alcohol.”

Our moisturizing products exclude filler products such as alcohol and water to provide maximum nourishing for the skin without drying and irritation.

“Our whole body care product line is hand-crafted with the highest quality plant-based organic and natural ingredients sourced from around the world. We feel that everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of clean, simple and proven ingredients for cleansing, beautifying, protecting and comforting their skin and that the product results should speak for themselves. "

Our belief is that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put into your body.


SEED: Where are your products made?

VICKIE: "Our products are handcrafted in San Clemente, California."


SEED: What is your most popular product?

VICKIE: "We have a few that compete for the most popular position. Our most popular products are the Extreme Day & Night Face Cream as well as our Intense Therapeutic Gel and our Minty Lavender Lip Balm."

SEED: What product do you always have in your bag?

VICKIE: "One of my favorite products is the Extreme Hand & Body Cream in Musky Blooms. It was actually an organic perfume that I created for myself at first. I had multiple compliments on the scent, so I decided to make it into one of the scents for the cream."


SEED: What is USDA Organic certification?

VICKIE: "USDA’s National Organic Program enforces the use of the organic seal. Farmers and businesses must follow USDA standards to have their products labeled and sold as certified organic – from food, cotton and other fibers, to makeup and wine. USDA Organic certified products are grown and processed organically, made of/with only approved substances and are USDA Verified. USDA Organic is also NON-GMO. Look for the small green and white circle USDA Organic seal!"


SEED: What is your favorite part of running your own beauty care line?

VICKIE: "Hearing testimonies from people that tell us of the incredible positive changes to their skin in only a few days to one week’s time. "


SEED: What has been a major set back you have overcome in running Organic Body Essentials?

VICKIE: "There have been several setbacks, but the one that stands out the most is the ability to stay positive during them. This company was started on air and prayer. We had no investors and I was on unemployment when I began in 2014."


SEED: What is your #1 face care tip?

VICKIE: "Keep in mind that oils can balance your skin regardless of skin type. I used to have oily facial skin until I began using the oils in the Extreme Day & Night Face Cream and the Flawless Face Serum. Now my skin looks healthier, more balanced and less aged. "


Be sure to check out SEED People's Market in Costa Mesa, where they stand by responsibly sourced goods and sustainable living. Plus, they carry our full line of products!


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